Website Design Has Never Been Easier

The easiest way to build a website 2021. Website design can become a little overwhelming for someone who is attempting to build a new website with little to no experience. You just want to get a good looking website up and running There are numerous ways to build a website on various platforms, even Google […]

Digital Marketing with Videos

Semper Fi Design Makes Videos Videos that stand Out Just look at the stats, videos are viewed more than anything else on the internet. It is predicted that that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. That means most of our information online will be viewed by videos. Just look at the […]

Returning Home: How ancient warriors coped with war…

Returning home: Roman Soldiers to Present Day Many ancient cultures had their warriors perform purification rites before reintegrating into society. Water and actual washing is a recurring motif in many culture’s ceremonies. Moses’ army instructed warriors to ritualistically wash themselves and their virgin captives before returning to camp; Assyrian royal inscriptions detail the washing of […]